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Scottish Malt Whisky Distilleries Alphabetically K-T

Whisky | Scottish Malt Whisky Distilleries Alphabetically K-T:

KilchomanIn 2005 Kilchoman opened as the first distillery on Islay since 1908. The distillery at Rockside Farm lies just a few miles NW of Bruichladdich. The first sought after expression, the 'Inaugural Release' was released in September 2009, followed by an Autumn Release in the same year and Spring 2010 release.
KillylochGlen Flagler distillery was built in 1964/5 within the Moffat Grain Distillery. Two malts were produced - GlenFlagler, with production stopping in the early 80's and Killyloch, where production ceased in 1975. The grain, Garnheath was also produced here. Given the short production time, bottles are extremely rare and very expensive.
KinclaithAt one time there was once quite a number of malt distilleries in Glasgow. The last was Kinclaith, built in 1957, as part of the Strathclyde Grain Distillery. In the 1960's the bulk of Kinclaith was presumably going into the blend, Long John as there have been no official bottlings, just a few, rare, now expensive independents. Long John was sold to Whitbread in 1975 and Kinclaith was dismantled.
KnockandoDiageo owned, Speyside distillery which is the signature malt for the J&B blend. Knockando is also huge in the Spanish and French market. Bottled as a 12 year old, plus a vintage statement approx.700,000 bottles are sold as single malt per year. Older, independent bottlings pop up occasionally like one we had from Duncan Taylor at 27 year old.

Knockdhu (An Cnoc)
Knockdhu (An Cnoc)Current owners Inver House bought the distillery from United Distillers back in 1988.
The first official bottling of 'an Cnoc', the new name to be used to avoid confusion with Knockando, was in 1993. Besides the 12 year old and 16 year old there has been a few limited editions including the 1993, 14 year old and a 30 year old from 1975.

LadyburnOpened in 1966, on the same site as the Girvan Grain distillery in Aryshire it was a very short lived life for Ladyburn, closing in 1975. A major component of the Grant's blend, just two official bottles were released one being a 1973 at 50.4% a few independents are available also popping up as 'Rare Aryshire' malt.
LagavulinDiageo owned, true Islay heavy weight! Becoming one of the six 'Classic Malts' back in 1988. When there was a stock shortage we had people crying in the shop….well not quite, but not far off! This classic is Bourbon Hogshead matured, with all of the new production maturing on the mainland. The core range consists of just three bottles and independents are very, very, rarely seen.

LaphroaigT.C.P, hospital gauze, antiseptic, phenolic….all these words used to describe this Islay malt. The best-selling Islay malt on the market (sales for 2009 at 2.2 million bottles) followed by Bowmore. In 1994, HRH Prince Charles gave his Royal Warrant to Laphroaig with subsequent limited editions following including the 'Highgrove' bottling. The core range is quite extensive and quite a lot of independents around.

Ledaig (Tobermory)
Ledaig (Tobermory)On the Isle of Mull, from 1978 until closing in 1930 the distillery was called Tobermory. With the re-opening in 1972 the distillery became known as the Ledaig Distillery. Then in 1993, Burn Stewart resorted back to Tobermory….are you with me! Ledaig is now the name for the 'peated' malt produced (35ppm) and bottled there. Currently a 'no age' statement and a 10 year old are available.
LinkwoodTo be found just a couple of miles south of Elgin, Linkwood is another Diageo owned distillery. The majority of production is used in Johnnie Walker and White Horse and it's available as a single malt, bottled at 12 year old in the Flora and Fauna series. Bottled twice as older expressions in the Rare Malts Series other limited editions sometimes pop up.

Linlithgow (St.Magdalene)
Linlithgow (St.Magdalene) St.Magdalene distillery was also known as Linlithgow distillery, perhaps due to its location in Linlithgow, west of Edinburgh. Another Lowland distillery which closed in 1983 with most of the buildings now been converted to flats. You can find it bottled under both titles, predominately as St.Magdalene. Indpendent bottles are becoming increasingly rarer to find ,as are, the Rare Malt Series bottlings.

LittlemillLittlemill was a Lowland distillery which closed back in 1992, was dismantled in 1996 and then later demolished. Distilled back in 1967 a very small quantity of Dunglas was also produced by changing the still head. However, with a Jim Murray Whisky Bible score of only 17, you may think long and hard about opening it!
Loch Lomond
Loch LomondSituated at the south end of the Loch, this distillery is virtually self-sufficient. It has its on malt distillery, grain distillery and cooperage. The Coffey Still installed in 1993 contributes to Loch Lomond's uniqueness of being able to produce grain and malt whisky at the same site. Loch Lomond single malt can be found in 'no age', 18 and 21 year old form.
LochsideLochside distillery was founded in Montrose in the eastern highlands back in 1957.It closed in 1992 and was later demolished. Official bottlings have occurred and alongside independents are increasingly difficult to find. Lochside whisky was the heart of a blend called Macnab's made for the Spanish market. Single grain whisky was also produced up until 1974.

LongmornPernod Ricard own 12 active distilleries and Longmorn besides, Aberlour, Glenlivet and Scapa are the only four which get real recognition for their quality and core range availabilitity. Longmorn is a key component in Chivas Regal 18 year old and Royal Salute. With a re-vamp and new packaging back in 2007 it is now bottled at a healthy 48% at 16 year old.
Longrow (Springbank)
Longrow (Springbank) Longrow, the peated single malt whisky from Campbeltown's Springbank distillery.
From the same owners that produce whiskies from Springbank, Hazelburn and Glengyle/Kilkerran as well as the independent whisky bottler Cadenheads. A must for all smokeheads, peat freaks, and Islay whisky fans.

MacallanHow do we fit such a huge, iconic Speysider in four lines! Macallan is one of the top leaders in sales figures when talking about whisky. With the storage capacity from 16 dunnage and 21 racked warehouses holding the equivalent of 62 million litres of spirit, the list of bottlings now, and for the future looks endless.
Macduff (Glendeveron)
Macduff (Glendeveron)Just across the river from the town of Banff in Aberdeenshire you will find the sign leading you to Macduff distillery. Rather then using the name of the distillery, single malt is bottled as Glen Deveron (on which the river it lies on) with any independent bottllings always labelling the whisky as Macduff.

MannochmoreMannochmore distillery was built in 1971 right next door to Glenlossie distillery and was mothballed for five years in the mid-eighties. 'Guilty' for the production of the heavily caramelised, cult whisky Loch Dhu - Black Whisky, which was launched in 1996, other special releases have been few and far between. 2009 saw a 18 year old limited to 2,604 bottles.
MillburnMillburn is believed to have dated from 1807 built on Millburn Road in Inverness. It sadly closed in 1985, amongst others, and was dismantled in 1988. Bottled on occasion in the Rare Malts Series, independents are now becoming rarer and rarer to find. With a fantastic, price and aged bottle, from the Private Cellar Range flying off our shelves we are always on the look out for others.
MiltonduffAlong with Glenburgie, Miltonduff is considered the most important malt whisky in Ballantine's blended whisky. In terms of high-capacity it is one of the ten biggest in Scotland. From 1964 to 1981 Lomond Stills were also used at Miltonduff producing the malt called Mosstowie - increasingly rare, we seem to have to rely on Signatory Vintage Company to bottle it from time to time.
MortlachMortlach distillery once used as a church and a brewery is currently under going expansion which is hopefully to be completed by Novemer 2015. The old 16 year old Flora and Fauna label has disappeared and now the core range consists of 'Rare Old', Special Strength, 18 and 25 year old.
MosstowieNot a distillery, but the name given to malt produced from 1964 to 1981 in two Lomond Stills at Miltonduff Distillery. They were installed in order to repeat an experiment which Hiram Walker had already carried out at their larger complex in Dumbarton and also at Glenburgie (Glencraig). Never bottled by the proprietors independents occasionally pop up.

North Port
North PortFounded in 1820,in the little town of Brechin , eastern highlands, the distillery was called Townhead before changing name three years later, to Brechin. Many moons ago it was also sold as a vatted malt, not single, called 'Glen Dew' Closed in 1983, it can be found as a single malt, labelled as Brechin, North Port or both. The first two official bottlings were in the Rare Malts Series.

ObanAfter Royal Lochnagar this is the smallest distillery in the Diageo portfolio. One of the original six, Classic Malts, it is now available as a 14 year old and in Diageo's, Distiller's Edition range, finished in Montilla Fino sherry casks. Some older expressions have been released with the oldest being a 32 year old in 2002, limited to 6,000 bottles. Independent bottlings are virtually impossible to find.
PittyvaichA short lived life for this Speyside distillery. Founded in 1974 by Arthur Bell & Sons, closed in 1993 and demolished in 2002. The only official bottling used to be the 12 year old Flora and Fauna bottle until the limited release, of 6,000 bottles in 2009 of a 20 year old. Independents pop up now and again but are becoming rarer.
Port Charlotte (Bruichladdich)
Port Charlotte (Bruichladdich)A heavily peated Islay malt, called Port Charlotte which is actually produced at Bruichladdich Distillery It is produced as the tin says 'in homage to the exceptional malt produced in the village of Port Charlotte until 1929'. PC5 was released as a five year old followed by PC6, 7 and 8. Number nine is not due to be released instead a no age 'PC' in 2010.

Port Ellen
Port EllenPort Ellen, is the iconic closed Islay whisky distillery whose stocks of single malt whisky are fast disappearing. We stock any Port Ellen whisky we can get hold of and with 'Annual Releases' commanding the £2200 price tag from 2014 these bottles are worth snapping upt
PulteneyOwned by Inver House Distillers since 1995 Pulteney Distillery is the northernmost distillery on the Scottish mainland. Built in the town of Wick in 1826. The malt is bottled as Old Pulteney at 12, 17 and 21 year old. With the oldest ever release as a 30 year old hitting the market in 2009.
RosebankSadly, another Lowland distillery to fall by the way side , but this time in 1993. At one time the Falkirk area where the distillery stood on the Forth-Clyde canal was a hub of industry. Rosebank was/is probably the finest triple-distilled Lowland malt ever to be produced and now with the scarcity of the Rare Malts and Flora and Fauna bottlings you have to rely on the Diageo Annual Release to try it.
Royal Brackla
Royal BracklaBack in 1835 Brackla became the first of three distilleries allowed to use'Royal' in the name. When Bacardi-Martini bought Dewar's from Diageo not a single cask was included in the deal this is why now the oldest Brackla cask in the central warehouses in Glasgow are from as recent as 1998. Time will have to run its course before we start seeing more than a ten year old in the range.

Royal Lochnagar
Royal LochnagarLochnagar received its 'Royal' Warrant in 1848. This is Diageo's smallest operating distillery with an annual production of just 450 000 litres. With the 12 year old and relatively new, Distiller's Edition, an expression called Select Reserve has appeared in the past. This is a vatting of selected casks - half sherry, half bourbon approx.18-20 year old worth watching out for.
St. Magdalene (Linlithgow)
St. Magdalene (Linlithgow)St.Magdalene distillery was also known as Linlithgow distillery perhaps due to its location in Linlithgow, west of Edinburgh. Another Lowland distillery which closed in 1983 with most of the buildings now been converted to flats. You can find it bottled under both titles, predominately as St.Magdalene. Indpendent bottles are becoming increasingly rarer to find ,as are, the Rare Malt Series bottlings.

ScapaChanging from a 12 year old expression, to a 14 and now at 16 year old is largely due to the fact that over the years Scapa has been 'mothballed' and relied on staff from the other Orkney Island distillery, Highland Park, coming to produce Scapa whisky. It is quite a unique set up at the distillery with a Lomond, type still, with the rectifying plates removed so it works like an ordinary still.

SpeyburnSpeyburn was acquired by Inver House in the early 1990's. There are three dunnage warehouses at the site in Rothes with the rest of the spirit being tankered to the company's central warehouses in Airdrie. Famous for being the first distillery to have drum maltings installed, in favour of floor maltings - Even though they are no longer used they are still there to see, protected by 'Historic Scotland'
SpeysideBy hand, brick by brick, it took 25 years for Speyside Distillery to be built from when the first stone was laid - 2010 sees it's 20th Anniversary of production. Since December 2006 a peated spirit has also been produced, along side normal production, just for one week per year.

Springbank Springbank whisky from Campbeltown is probably Scotland's most traditional malt whisky distillery. Family owned and fiercely independent its is also responsible for the single malt whiskies of Longrow, Hazelburn and Kilkerran (Glengyle) as well as Independent Whisky bottler, Cadenheads whisky company. A malt whisky with a great following from whisky collectors for the likes of Springbank Local Barley and whiskey drinkers
StrathislaStrathisla distillery is situated just a few hundred metres away from the dormant Glen Keith Distillery. It is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland and plays an important role in the make up of the blend, Chivas Regal. For a time the distillery was named 'Milton '
StrathmillOriginally known as Glenisla-Glenlivet Distillery when founded back in 1891, it is one of the lesser known distilleries in Speyside.. Strathmill is also one of a few select distilleries using a purifier on the spirit stills resulting in a lighter more fruity spirit. The only official bottling is a 12 year old in the Flora and Fauna series released in 2001. Independents are rare.

TaliskerBuilt on the beautiful Isle of Skye, Talisker Distillery is owned by Diageo and was one of the original 'Classic Malts' in the range launched in 1988. Up until 1928 it was triple distilled. The core range now consists of 10, 18 year old and Distiller's Edition. With limited editions of 25 and 30 year old appearing occasionally and the 175th Birthday/Anniversary bottle back in 2005.
TamdhuTamdhu distillery is currently owned by the Edrington Group. Probably most famous for having/using a Saladin Box to 'convert' the barley, the only distillery in Scotland to do so - a mechanical technique which replaced the floor maltings, built back in 1950. The choice of whisky, sadly, is not much to right home about either…..the official range…if you can call it that consists of a 'non-aged' version.

TamnavulinMothballed for twelve years up until its re-opening back in 2007 Tamnavulin is a very 'young' distillery, in distillery terms, being founded in 1966. Changing hands, to various owners it is now a part of United Spirits' portfolio, part of the Indian UB Group. A 12 year old is the only official bottling available with Stillman's Dram bottlings appearing in the past, the last bottled as a 30 year old.
TeaninichAt one time, back in the seventies, Teaninch was one of the largest distilleries in Scotland, now it is probably one of the lesser known ones! At full capacity it produces 4 million litres of spirit, the majority of which is used as a component in Johnnie Walker blends. It could only be found as a ten year old, in the Flora and Fauna series up until recently, when a 1996 single cask bottling appeared in the Manager's Choice range.
TobermoryBuilt in the town of Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull back in 1798, Tobermory distillery is owned by Burn Stewart Distillers. Bottled traditionally just at 10 year old, a 1972 - 32 year old appeared in 2005 followed by a 15 year old, limited release in 2008. Not forgetting the heavily peated Ledaig is produced here too.
TomatinTomatin distillery had 23 stills by 1974, which was Scotland's largest distillery producing 12 million litres of spirit. This was only the case from 1975 until 1980, before going into liquidation. Now owned by a Japanese company, the first of which in Scotland, the larger part of production is either sold to other companies or used for their own blended whiskies. An extensive - ever increasing -core range also now exsists.
TomintoulTomintoul distillery is owned by Angus Dundee Distillers who also own Glencadam.
Built in the mid 60's it lies a few miles south of Glenlivet in Ballindalloch. It markets itself as 'the gentle dram' but with additions to the range like 'Old Ballantruan'- a young, peated version, a 12 year old Olorosso butt matured and 'Peaty Tang' the whole range is worth exploring.
TormoreThe original founder of Tormore Distillery was an American company called Schenley International, owners of Long John. Now in Pernod Ricards posession the spirit is tankered away to for filling in ex-bourbon casks with part of it returning for maturing on-site. The whisky is produced as a main blend component and not much bottled as a single malt. Independent bottles are also quite rare.
Tullibardine2003 saw the revival of Tullibardine Distillery when it was bought by a consortium after a ten year standstill. 3,000 casks were bought in the deal and now the core range consists of various 'vintage' statement bottles as well as various wood finishes including Port, Sauternes and Sherry.

Whisky | Scottish Malt Whisky Distilleries Alphabetically K-T:

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